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Small businesses are *44.5% of Arizona’s workforce with growing contribution to the economic success and vibrancy of the state. We play a vital role in the prosperity of Arizona, yet our needs are being underrepresented at all levels of government in terms of financial relief. ASRC comprises over 1,100 small restaurant and business owners who have found themselves left without adequate resources to survive during this national crisis.

Change needs to happen now in order for small businesses to continue operating and contributing to the economic health of our communities. ASRC is taking action. We are speaking up and working with our elected officials to take the proper steps forward to mitigate the catastrophic economic collapse of Arizona’s small business community.

Business owners only. Please DO NOT sign this letter unless you own a small business in Arizona. Thank you for your support.

If you are a non-business owner, industry employee or would like to support our coalition, please click here.